5 Foods that will make your skin glow

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Foods are the building blocks that our bodies use to grow, develop, and repair, and by not eating well we are depriving our cells of the proper tools they need to function.

We picked the top 5 best foods to eat to ensure you have good looking skin and that keep you looking younger.

1. Tomatoes

They contain powerful antioxidant that eliminates skin-aging free radicals from ultraviolet exposure.

2. Watermelon

Its more than a just a juicy fruit, It contains vitamin A, C and is also an antioxidants which is vital for skin health. Also,due to Its high water content your body is hydrated and this results in radiant skin.


They are said to be one of the best vegetables and are sure to make your skin look younger than before. These root vegetables are very rich in vitamins including A and E that are quintessential in the beatification of your skin.

4. Dark Chocolate

The flavanols in chocolate act as antioxidants, provide sun protection, and reduce the roughness of skin for healthier appearance and feel.

5. Apples

Apples contain quercetin, an antioxidant in the peel that protects against sun damage. They also contain high fibre content which helps to clean out the colon and promotes regular bowel movements, hence promoting clear pimple-free skin.

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