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  • Qabiildiid

    On December 3, 2011Kenyan forces ran away their base in Qoqani to Tabto near the NFD border with Somalia.

    I wonder how long you can try to suppress the truth.  

    You can keep on telling the lies until your soldiers are turned into farm workers. 

    • MkenyaHalisi

      And I wonder when you will realize Al-Shabaab propaganda cannot go anywhere with Kenya’s sophisticated and highly educated population. Your propaganda that may have worked with Burundi cannot hack it with Kenya in 1000 years.

      • Murundi

        Burundi showed more courage than Kenya so far…

      • Warayaa

        Burundi lost 72 soldiers on Dayniile October 20, 20011 but I really respect their bravery that they are still in Mogadishu. On the other hand Cowardly Kenyan Soldiers know only how to run and hide. I seen on my own eyes 1991 on the border. They have lost Qoqani and Afmadow and Tabto. Soon you will see them running to Nairobi.

  • Surad1960

    I detest Alshabab and their actions and i dont think we support them for what they do, but our point is ‘Get your boots our of our soil’ we may be in need of help, but certainly a foreign incursion is not the kind of help we need. we are dealing with AL-shabab, their popularity is down to zero, they are basically outnumbered and out smarted now. so stay away from our land.

  • Oludavin

    Ukweli ni kwamba KDF are facing stiff resistance from the Alshabaab. That’s why they are running all over the world seeking support instead of finishing the job and come back home as heroes. They will now have to face a tough regrooped, reloaded, refueled Alshabaab… They should stop parapaganda war and embark on the quick victory, the more they stay the more the agony and lose…This is not a conventional war! They have come up to the reality that they are just but uniform army, no experience.

    • Richard

      Are you even Kenyan.. if so am ashamed at your very sub par opinion about your own Kenya Army that has managed to Keep you safe since you were probably born..The same army that has made us proud on a number of occasions both locally and internationally. If you are Kenyan, the you should see this from a very different point of view. We have families, friends, sons and daughters in Somalia fighting for what ever reason and all Kenyans can say is that our army is uniform army with no experience.. listen to yourselves. Then according to you Kenyans including your self are as worthless as our leaders who we keep on electing..then we should have no self worth what so ever and should probably cease to exist. Are you Kenyan to even degrade what is your own..But we are all entitled to our opinions at the end of the day right? 

  • Mtu Flani

    Kenya will never run from malnourished imbeciles. We shall achieve our objectives!

  • Geff

    Kenya needs to put up the game, propaganda cannot work. They should not be buying time. we expect this job to be done as soon as possible. “swift & fast” what are they waiting for….the guns, battle tanks, rockets lunches, comptencies etc etc… you cannot give a chance an enemy to regroup!

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