#TasteAwards2015: Voting for People’s Choice opens

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Voting for the People’s Choice Category has officially opened for Taste Awards 2015.

In this year’s People’s Choice over 130 establishments are nominated across 16 categories in Nairobi and at the coast. This year’s categories are fewer than at the previous Taste Awards making these the most competitive award year ever. With a host of new restaurant and bars on the scene, who will end up being crowned Kenya’s best establishments will be anyone’s guess.

Patrons are urged to vote for their favorite restaurants and bars in Nairobi and Mombasa and stand a chance to win great prizes, 2013 saw a record of 15,000 registered votes – which we anticipate to surpass this year.

Voting for your preferred establishment has been made simpler and more accessible. Send the word ‘VOTE’ to 0723 555 555usingWhatsApp or log onto taste.co.ke through your Faceboook, Twitter or E-mail account. Each patron is allowed to vote only once. Voting ends on the 24th of August 2015.To vote one must be 18 years and above

Categories for 2015 include:

  • Most Popular Italian
  • Most Popular Continental
  • Most Popular East African/ NyamaChoma
  • Most Popular Indian
  • Most Popular Chinese
  • Most Popular Pan-Asian
  • Most Popular Food On The Go / Franchise
  • Most Popular Vegetarian
  • Most Popular Cafe or Coffee House
  • Most Popular Cocktail Bar
  • Most Popular Night Out Venue
  • Easy Dining In a Hotel
  • Most Popular Bar in a Hotel
  • Newcomer of the Year (Independent)
  • Most Popular Restaurant at the Coast
  • Most Popular Bar at the Coast

Winners will be announced by 31st August at a spectacular gala evening at the dusitD2 Hotel.

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