Qualities of a good wife



1. She chooses the right man to marry her. Only with a good husband will her goodness be fully actualized. It is difficult for a woman to bring out her best of love in a pathetic marriage. She can’t love in a void, she needs a man to be the target of her love; that man must be the right one.

2. She protects her home from gossip. She doesn’t disclose personal domestic matters to the public.

3. She makes sure the morning greeting to her husband is warm. Either with a kiss or a smile. She knows how the day is started determines how the day unfolds.

4. She uses her tongue wisely. She is not loose or reckless with her tongue, she measures her words, building her home with words of life and love, not tearing it down.

5. She manages affairs of the home. Things get done, house is clean, everything is in order. If it’s a house help she hires the right one. How the home is reflects how she is as a wife.

6. She doesn’t use sex as a weapon. She wouldn’t deny her husband sex just because she wants to get back at him.


7. Whether she is the one who cooks, or the hubby, or the house help; she calls the family to the table to eat together.

8. She is the center of warmth in the house for the husband and the children. She is aware than when she has a bad mood it spreads to all the rooms and if she is in a good mood, the whole house glows.

9. She establishes boundaries for the children and rules in the house. The children grow knowing what mummy says.

10. In consultation with her husband, they come up with a vision for the family. She keeps her husband in check on what they have agreed.

11. She has her own income generating activities no matter how rich her husband is. Whether she earns more than the hubby or less, she invests, plans for the future, saves, distributes money to the various needs wisely.

12. She is a good ambassador of the marriage. When she is outside, she carries herself well, people call her husband blessed.

13. She enforces what the husband says to the children and when need be, she explains to the children when they don’t understand the hubby. She establishes healthy communication in the house, because of her, things get talked through.


14. She shows love with touch and the husband and children follow her example. She hugs, kisses, touches, rubs shoulders, back and hands to show care.

15. She is a good host. Hospitable to visitors, anyone in her territory is well taken care of. Visitors talk highly of her.

16. She prays with and for her husband and children. She builds the home in Godly ways. Whenever children grow up, they remember the prayers and counsel of the mother.

17. She never confronts or fight with her husband in public or in front of the children. She respects her man and will call him to the side or in the privacy of their bedroom to address an issue. She covers her husband’s nakedness.


18. She makes sure the food eaten at home is healthy. She is in charge of what the family consumes.

19. She is the ear that listens, the eyes that are alert on what happens in the home. Her husband and children feel watched and cared for, she’s got their back.

20. She sets the right example for her children through what she does, where she goes and what she says.

21. She is strong-willed, her family depends on her and so, even when things are tough, even if she cries, she finds the strength to be there for her family.

22. She stays sexy, dresses well outside and inside the house. With her husband she is playful, feisty, sexual, sensual, a tease.

23. She makes sure her husband looks good and smells good. She styles her man.

24. She plans ways to cheer up the mood in the house. Whether through games, a barbeque, a movie session, games, jokes, silly moments, surprise parties or a family get together.

25. She is a Queen, the bedroom is her throne. In her throne, she is approachable to her King, she talks things out, she reigns in confidence, she handles her business, she is peaceful to sleep with and peaceful to watch sleeping.

26. She allows her husband to love her. She carries a lot of responsibilities and her husband carries her. She brings out the husband in him and he loves her like the Queen she is.


Dayan Masinde

Dayan Masinde is a Nairobi based Kenyan artist specializing in Poetry, Fine Art, Portrait Art, Murals, Creative Writing, Music, Illustrations and Animation. He is often described as "The Artist Inspired by Love" because of his use of artistic expressions to inspire, celebrate and help understand the mystery of love. His poetry book "WHEN ANGELS MAKE LOVE" is available for purchase worldwide on amazon.

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