Crazy celeb diet ‘tricks’: The baby food diet


baby food

Crazy Celebrity Diet Tricks is a series dedicated to the silly things celebs do to try to lose weight fast. Don’t try these at home!

The Baby Food Diet

‘Banana & Guava’ and ‘Apple & Custard’ were my two favourite flavours according to my mom – I’m talking about those little jars of baby food called ‘Purity’.

So tasty! If you agree, then you’re in luck, because Jennifer Aniston eats baby food to LOSE WEIGHT. According to reports, she lost 3kg in one week eating baby food – a diet her trainer devised for her to give her body a boost.

The diet works because baby food is nutritionally dense without being super high in calories, so you eat less but still get what your body needs to function well.

I use baby food as a snack sometimes

It’s pretty great tasting and healthy. Would I eat only baby food for a week? I would prefer not to. Is it harmful? No. Would it result in weight loss? Only if you ate the right amount.

There are definitely more balanced approaches to losing weight, but this will not harm you if you try it out.



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  • Jonlogics

    Now who has lost? the balance of power among the principals remain a war of bulls. If indeed Omogeni scored highest, why deny him the opportunity? There should not be any more such baseless scrutiny if
     merit counts second.

  • Mimi

    Wow! Wow! and wow !
       This indeed is corruption, and nepotism.  This is foul play!  EACC is an law institution NOT an Accounting institution.  In any case, how could they go thro the process of interviewing, someone comes second, gets nominated but the one who finished first, with proper credentials, is left out?  Omogeni is a lawyer, someone who has headed the LAW instuitution of LAYERS including Amos Wako, P Lumumba  and Gitu Muigai.  How then does he get skipped for an accountant to head a law institution????? I dont get it?  Is it because he is a Kisii and there was no Kisii Godfather to negotiate for him or because he is aligned to Raila?  This is ridiculous.  We keep singing eti, new constitution !   Go throw it to the DOGS!  The Kisii community should demonstrate about this!  Let the kisiis lead this Kenyan nation into somethong like the Arab revolution….. This is nonsense.  No justice !  KRA is the most corrupt institution.  And they are bringing in a thieve to head another institution of Law ????


  • wafula

    There is no way this guy can say he has a clean record.  He used to work for KRA  one of the most corrupt bodies in the countries. He knows a lot about the drug barons. Now he has been put there to protect them. All big criminal cases are now thrown to the drain. Forget about any reform in the anti graft body. This is the perfect cover up for corruption.

  • Anonymous

    ofcourse, the TI report on bribery index will not feature in some newsrooms.

  • Popogiza

    WHo is this man? What does he stand for and what are his credentials other than walk in high corridors of power? Anybody out there please!

  • Oreti

    It never fails to amazae how kenya operates, you interview guys, the best candidate for the job loses it based on where they come from. This is the worst form of government by the two goons! to hell with them, They did not even have to interview him.

  • Kingjamesxxi

    Not surprising…. most of the people appointed by Kibaki have one thing in common: they come from one part of the country.  They are too many to list here

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