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  • john mbatia

    So sad corruption has surfaced not only in halls of justice but also i walls of our justice structural facilities. the  work of brief case contractors who then sub-contract inexperienced and cheap labour.

  • Franklin Mogire

    So sad that we have lowered ourselves to this level of stealing left, right and centre! Bwana CJ, this one heads must roll. If teh audit reveals that people were culpable, then heads must roll. And not the proverbial “stepping aside” we hear from MPs and Ministers! It is a staright “summary dismissal”! Professional bodies involved you ought to do some work here in informing us of what happened. Kshs1bn is just too much to lose for a country going through economic hardship like ours! You are even lucky, CJ had “kind” words for you compared to what I would have said…(fume)  

  • mmnjug ™

    Sad really, but truth be told……we need this saga to help fight corruption in the Min of Public Works and bring contractors to bear with their work. After this fiasco is over……there will be expedited jail terms for many contractors.

    Let the drama begin.

  • Anonymous

    With the harsh words that the CJ used I sure hope it’s not just a barking dog affair

  • Hotpotato

    Get these corrupt brutes. Freeze their bank accounts. Reposes their property. Jail them. Nipe rungu niwatengeneze. This is the only language to use on these people. Imagine some people going for day without food, no clothes, abject povery and SOME PEOPLE go on stealing public money. what a pity!! GET them now..and they should pay for it.


  • mundu 1

    they are white elephants. Just visit Kenyatta University new buildings and you will be shocked they have fallen apart especially new science laboratories. Very well decorated by outside but very weak and substandard work. Just check the quality work of the Chinese and you will understand what professionalism is. Shame on the greedy engineers and architects.

  • Bmutai

    10months and a leaking roof? WTF! Even my old grass thatched roof last longer than that! And it costs much less than 1b!
    Kenyans are corrupt, but I didn’t think this corrupt… I hope we have a contract on repairs with the builders…

  • Pelems

    Him being a cj I would have been happy to hear him saying that the people who banked our 1b are rotting in jail and our money has been recovered.

  • Guest

    Very unfortunate. Tender process needs to be transparent,
    but obviously this was an under the table. Some small simple things can prevent
    a lot of bad things, if they wanted to prevent the bad things in the first
    place, but folks want a cut, nonetheless, they’ll have to answer on Judgment

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