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  • Joe Manoti

    i think i would vote for ababu namwamba for sec gen odm

  • Ukweli

    Wanjiru must have called the Prime Minister and threatened to walk out so they had to order a rerun.

    • Charlie

      Ukweli the Party does not belong to the PM sorry, he would have appointed the leaders its about secret ballot.

      • Ukweli

        Hahaha. Nice try. We were not born yesterday Charlie. Did Moi ever appoint any party official? Of course he did! But even during Kanu’s sham elections, Moi always let vibarakas do the donkey work and avoided saying anything himself. It is the same in ODM and every single Kenyan party today. Snap out of utopia my friend.

        • Oludavin

          Ukweli, why dou u call an idiot “charlie” a friend????

  • Tobius Otieno Osuga

    That’s great.We need democracy in the party as it is now! Let them go for fresh election than wrangles in the party.This time round we don’t want wrangles within the party but true leadership by ODM come 2012.Tobius(Tz)

  • Oludavin

    Let the winners win clearely and losers go honourably…! Democracy at work.

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