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  • Lucas

    Perhaps the KDF should look to purchase a mine detector machinery, or phone jamming technology to deter these goons from using landines and detonating IED’s. On the other hand, sympathisers, bandits and all thugs ought to be dealt with as a threat to national security. Shoot them on sight.

  • JeffM

    Good story capital but please get the right pictures for stories.  The picture you have there is not of any of our  KAF F5 jets fighters.  Rather, it looks like the advanced American F15 jet.

    • Charlie

      sure this is actually an F-16 THEY JUST GOOGLED!

  • Mazzdark

    The Rural Border Patrol Unit of the AP now needs to earn their pay, KDF have and continue to do their part well.

  • Bornofmedia

    Both sides just need to light a blunt or two and chill.

  • Simon

    i have never trusted the police to do even the simplest of jobs,hand over the entire north eastern province region  area next to the border to the KDF and GSU they will be more efficient in dealing with such IED cases

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