#Tastemakers: Meet Kenya’s best mixologist, Akash Tomar


The best cocktail wizards and master mixologists are competing at the 2015 Diageo Reserve World Class Global Finals in Cape Town, South Africa – the first time the competition will be held on the African continent – in September.

In this latest installment of Tastemakers, meet Akash Tomar, Kenya’s first-ever representative who will be competing against nearly 50 of the world’s best mixologists in a week-long showcase of exceptional cocktails for a chance to be crowned the Bartender of the Year.

Watch the video below:


About Tastemakers

Passion for craft captured. Tastemakers is an inspiring, quirky, colourful and personality driven video documentary series curated and directed by award-winning lifestyle journalist Susan Wong (@susanluckywong), produced and edited by Francis Mbatha (@francombatha) – dedicated to sharing the amazing personal stories behind good craft.

Tastemakers celebrates the personalities behind the hospitality industry and will bring you to kitchens, onto farmland, into the world of award-winning mixologists and even on to construction sites. Tastemakers is dedicated to sharing the amazing personal stories behind industry-leading people.

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