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  • Annvalle

    when will the demolitions of Kibera and mathare begin. these are also illegal encroachments. People need to be tought to buy or apply for land legally and not build whenever they can find empty space. There is no way the govt can achieve the 2030 vision without a sound land policy. People living abroad with tonnes of money to invest cannot do so because of poor land policy.

    • Lucas

      Especially Kibera-a nasty, smelly, filthy habitation. I totally agree with you! The slum dwellers will bicker all they want, the fact is that they are land grabbers who have also settled illegally in what is not righteously their own. Pack your bags and go back to where you initially came from, i.e warudi mashambani.

      • Ali

        Shame on you, Lucas how dare you speak that about Kibera,what do you know about Kibera,for your information that is not a no-man lands,we have owners of that land and it is purely Nubians.Look not everybody living there is filthy smelling we can afford you,your family your entire clan and take care of be very careful with your words beside if you don’t we are the one making you enjoy all the fruit of this country.grow up.ALI

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