4 Reasons to wax instead of shaving

waxing shaving

Shaving is a rather inefficient method of removing unwanted hair from the body. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you could end up shaving daily just to keep up with the growth. Fortunately, there is an alternative to shaving. Many people find waxing to be a better option for several reasons.

1. You don’t worry about cuts.

One major disadvantage of shaving is that you are working with a sharp blade and nicks are not uncommon. Cutting yourself is not desirable and can prove to be even more dangerous in certain areas such as the neck, groin area and even under arm as you run the risk of getting an infection, plus these cuts look rather unaesthetic. When you opt for waxing, you can forget about those painful cuts. We do admit it is a little bit painful, but  the slight irritation and redness will disappear the next day and you will enjoy your smooth and flawless legs for over 3 weeks! However, don’t wax any part of your body at home, as you can burn your skin.

2. Waxing lasts longer

Since wax pulls the hair from the root, it takes a bit longer for the hair to grow back, as compared to having to shave everyday just to keep growth down. Waxing assures you of at-least two weeks of bare skin, which is actually good for your skin since it gets irritated when you shave on a daily basis.

3. Hair grows back thinner

A huge advantage about waxing is that when the hair grows, it comes back thinner and the more you wax, with time you will have barely noticeable hair. though it is highly recommended that you let hair grow at least a quarter of an inch so that the wax can grab and pull the hair out

4. Leaves your skin smooth As is initially desired, the skin is left feeling smooth as this method of hair removal pulls out the hair from the roots, that plus most waxes come with moisturizers in them,thus helps soften the skin just before hair removal. While some people will always swear by shaving, waxing is a great method of hair removal. The end result is smooth, hairless skin for far longer than if you shaved the hair

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