Top 10 artists who evoke nostalgia

New research proves that music is most powerful thing that brings back memories of childhood.

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Kylie Minogue is the top artist to bring back memories of earlier years.

According to a study, music is the most powerful thing to bring back childhood memories, with two thirds (67 per cent) of people saying it sparks more memories than the smell of mum’s cooking, the taste of school dinners and toys we played with when we were young.

And new research conducted to mark the launch of the Nick Jr. ‘Sing-Along Summer’ reveals that nine in 10 Brits (89 per cent) admitted music they enjoyed as a child evoked strong flashbacks of happy times, such as school discos, summer holidays, long car journeys and first kisses.

Top 10 artists that bring back childhood memories:

1. Kylie Minogue (18%)
2. Spice Girls (15%)
3. Duran Duran (14%)
4. Queen (13%)
5. Take That (13%)
6. Black Lace (12%)
7. Bryan Adams (11%)
8. Whitney Houston (11%)
9. Madonna (10%)
10. Britney Spears (10%)

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