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  • Surad1960

    It seem as if though that Kenya is raising funds for itself not to fight extremism.i think Kenya has the military capability and has the support of the TFG to root out Al-shabab, but outcry from Kenyan government is just more than fighting it seems that the tourism industry is suffering as the result of the GFC as there are no many westerns or Europeans who are willing to go on Safari tours at this tough economic times. the Kenyan diplomats are running out of shoes wandering around  the world to get support to fight with a bunch of powerless militiamen in Somalia.

  • Guest

    This was a very strange move by any standards its going to cost us dearly

  • Guest

    Read a direct quote from from the Telegraph…… our PM in my view goofed big time i stand to be collected he should have run the mission like Henry Kissinger…
    any way we shall make do with the outcome

    “We want to tell the Muslim world that we have the same religion, the
    same faith and the same god,” Mohammed Ali Rage, al-Shabaab’s
    spokesman, said in a message broadcast on jihadist radio stations.

    “It is their responsibility to support their Muslim brothers in Somalia
    because the Kenyan Christians are seeking support from the Jews in Israel.”
    Analysts warned that publicly linking Israel to the Kenyan mission
    threatened to “erode” the broad backing for the offensive among
    moderate Somalis.

    • Charlie

      yeah the country cannot be run like a political party!

  • Faarah

    one advice to my Bantu-Kenyan neighbours, dig trenches at your border and try to defend it, there is no point of asking help from Arabs , jews to Uncle Sam, i think Ethiopia have more superior military capability and war expeience than Kenya, yet they fail big time despite massive American support,, the Kenyan military are no match for skiny poorly equipped rag-tag somali militia.

    • mohamed

      who are you to call a peaceful and trustworth kenyans bantu and sham on you, civilization for you is to kill your own people and fight for 20 years for the cauth you don’t even know. you are ( somalians) a disgrace to  centure and headache to east africa once and for all east africans are harboring to illiminate with you master eritrean mad man isayas afewerki. then ethiopia,dijubutie and south sudan will enjoy a peacful neighbour.

  • Simon

    faarah if you are in kenya then you should cross th e border into somalia and see the suffering the people there are under then maybe you would have a change of heart.this is a kenyan operation and the support is there for the rebuilding part after the al shabaab has been cleared out of have forgotten the fact that kenya has been your only friend in peace and war and now you want to soil the plate on which you eat from,i honestly pity you.your support for the al shabaab is down to ignorance and to some extent stupidity

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