Nigerian fans slam Bonang Matheba for dating D’Banj

(By Senate Potiane)  Bonang and D’Banj have been dating for less than a week (officially, at least) and there’s already controversy. Who would Nigerian readers prefer to see D’Banj with?


This weekend we saw many new and happy couples step out on to the red carpet of the MTV Africa Music Awards, holding hands and kissing for the public to enjoy

One such couple, who finally confirmed their love is Bonang Matheba and Nigerian superstar, D’Banj.

We suspected that something has been going on for a while, but they cleared all doubt and Bonang fans were ecstatic when they saw their Queen cosying up to the Nigerian singer.

Nigerian fans, however, are not happy about this relationship at all!

A report from a Nigerian Blog, Pulse, revealed that a lot of readers from that country, who are also fans of the Oliver Twist star, have spoken out against the new relationship. Most of them seem to believe that D’Banj should be dating a fellow Nigerian star.

If you follow their industry, Genevieve Nnaji, a local singer, is someone they would prefer to see D’Banj dating

What’s even more interesting is that Genevieve is actually D’Banj’s ex-girlfriend from years ago! The majority of Pulse readers were adamant that Genevieve is hotter than Bonang. Wow, does Queen B have to worry about anything resurfacing?

Speaking of exes, Bonang found herself butting heads with her own ex, Euphonik, this week

As happy as she is with her new man, Ms Matheba could not help but bring up o some of her and Euphonik’s dirty laundry from their long-term relationship.

Euphonik was accused of physically assaulting her during their time together. So when he teamed up with Marie Claire this week on their #MCHeels campaign, Bonang could not help but throw shade at him. Needless to say, Euphonza didn’t react too well to that.

Bonang and D’Banj might be happy and in love, but hey, it looks like they both still have ties to their exes that have the potential to cause some drama

Who says big stars don’t come with baggage?

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