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  • Hotpotato

    Very pity, very very pity indeed. If I had power, I’d fire the whole government officials especially the cabinet ministers who passed a resolution for the demolition. after firing them, I put them to serve a 10yr jail term. They have stolen billions from wananchi and but they give orders to demolish people’s property that they have worked for years and some on loan. God forbid. You are cursed. Your days are coming to an end very very soon. I predict that all those involved, they will not even finish their current term. God will spank you with his anger. You have done bad to his people.
    It is the same case with the KTN commentary of the “Untouchables”. What government is this destroying it people through her stupid acts? We need to revolt and have these crooks pay for it. Bloody money Bloody money. We do not need this in our country. God will destroy you sooner that later. Watch this space.

  • Teaparty

    sorry for your pain and our hearts goes out to your losses. please be careful next time because alotment letters are not tittle deeds and really you cannot put huge investment based on alotment letters. most of them are fake

  • Upuzi_tele

    Welcome to the ruling PNU Government. Where is Kalonzo when you need him. These are his people crying for help. He seems to be busy with G7 than helping his people.

    • RailaOjinga

      It is a Grand Coalition government and was a full cabinet decision. Orengo is the Minister of Lands and has been quiet till now. Anyway, we expect Luo Nyanza to exonerate the King of Kondele Stonethrowers.

  • Alphonse wanjala

    HUU NI UPUZI !!MY QUIZ is WHO ARE MAVOKO COUNTY COUNCIL<WHO ARE THE GOVERMENT AND WHICH MINISTRY IS RESPONSIBLE?WHAT KIND OF THAT NOTICE THEY ARE CLAIMING THAT THEY HAD ISSUED? TUSIFANYWA WAJINGA MIAKA YOTE.This goverment is rotating innocent people people,very painful indeed,sorry sana lakini waswahili walisema ukiona mwenzako amenyolewa——

    • Mazzdark

      English please, Sir Puffalot

  • mwafrika

    they saw it coming and cant build and live in a land you dint buy and dont have a title to and expect all is will catch up with you eventually.

    • bobby

      one dumb idiot….i suppose u just dint read they had allotment letters and even authority from the council..Anyway i bet thats greek to u coz u dont own a house…broke ass

    • Hotpotato

      Wewe(mwafrika ) ni ng’ombe. Kazi yako nikupeana maziwa and please be quiet.  You must be a government insider or one that conned innocent people. Idiot you. All affected people had documents of ownership. Silly you. Get out of your cocoon.

  • It is a pity that homes of innocent hard working Kenyans were demolished. If indeed the land in question belongs to the Kenya Airports Authority, I wonder who approved its development by private investors in the first place.

  • Edgit123

    it is simple….can KAA show their title deed showing that it is theirs? Dont bother wondering,i have the answer….they can’t because they don’t have any proof that it belongs to them. And one title cannot cross into two provinces so,do they have two title deeds?NO!  This is just young hard working Kenyans being held by the balls so that they stay desperate and taken advantage of by the politicians. My heart goes to the people who have had their lives ruined by impunity even the IDPs

  • Mazzdark

    SUE THEM!!! Government officials must understand that their wide ranging powers over us have gone under the new constitution…LITIGATE THEM INTO THE GROUND!!!

  • Mwaikamau

    Who are these Mlolongo brothers? Can we know the whole truth and why this is happening now and not earlier?????? This is IMPUNITY of the highest order!

  • Aron

    I’v never seen a government so insensitive, they are only good at stealing from the citizens. 2012 no vote from me

  • Dalmas Isoe

    “Are there two sets of the law? One for the poor and the other for the rich?”. Just
    the other day the government applied  the law selectively, citing buildings which were built irregularly along Mombasa road by billionaires but secured
    protection from the State.Yet here we have poor people with legal documents approved by City
    commission, their property is being destroyed and the government has not
    even had a courtesy meeting with them just as it had with the
    billionaires………………”SHAME on the government”

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