How to understand and use onions effectively


(By Lyndy Mansfield) Onions are totally indispensable items in your pantry. Learn more about how to get the most out of them.

  • When choosing onions at your grocer or supermarket, make sure that they are firm. Don’t take any that have suspicious looking spots or cuts, even if they have been reduced in price.
  • Preferably store them in a darkish, cool place that has good airflow.
  • Keep them away from potatoes.
  • Don’t throw out onions that start to sprout little green shoots. They make useful extras to salads and won’t make any difference to the use of the bulbs.

Onions 2

Here are some health reasons why onions should be part of our everyday lives:

  1. The phytochemicals in onions create an improved immunity to disease as it works in tandem with vitamin C.
  2. The chromium in onions helps to regulate blood sugar.
  3. They have been used for generations to help reduce infections and inflammation.
  4. Raw onion is excellent to assist in producing good cholesterol.
  5. Onions are useful when you get an insect sting. The juice will take the pain away.
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