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  • upuzi_tele

    Bure kabisa. many people are giving scholarships and not announcing it in public.

    • Mak_olocho

      Upuzi Tele yours personal……………

      • kenya

        who are these many people. are you among them. “upuzi tele yours personal” show us what you have done. better yet go ahead and outdo the pm. sponsor 20,000-40,000 students. while you’re  outperforming the pm tell the thief in cheif kibaki to stop hustling  cocaine,heroin and other drugs. most useless president in kenyan history truly bure kabisa.

        • Alilol

          I support you Brother Kenya.
          Majority who oppose Raila initiatives are against him merely because he is a Luo.Anti-Raila are supporters of KKK/G7 Alliance.To shed more light anti-raila are tribalists and sympayhizers of lords of impunity.
          When Kibaki spent 70M in his trip to Australia leaving millions of Kenyans behind starving no even a single anti-raila figure uttered a word against kibaki.
          We dont have a president we have a rotten coconut head.

    • Bmutai

      Maybe those people who are giving and not telling should! Imagine if all our politicians (and any other capable person for that matter) were competing on who gives the most or who gives to more people? Si we would be better off?
      I say, go PM, help the needy… If the source of the funds is questionable, that is a different case all together.

  • Anonymous

    Pesa za KKV, Triton, Maize Scandal na Kisumu Molasses zinafanyishwa kazi kabisa. Endelea Bwana Prime Thievster.

  • Lucas

    Somethin’s brewing here, ehem!

  • Many of us are helping the needy (It’s our lifestyle) and we never talk about it. Some things are better kept to ones self than publicised. With elections  near we’re likely to hear and see anything I tell you lol

  • Manu

    @ all the haters : 300m ni pesa mingi jo! Assuming he stole it all, at least it is going to the people that need it the most, not getting stashed away in Jersey or Switzerland. No one gives just for kicks … hata sadaka kanisani ni njama ya kuenda mbinguni.

  • Tquatitative

    this good rao but what the procidure of getting  the fund i think there is tranparency the way you use to say mweupe kama pamba

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