Characteristics of a good kiss


1. It is with the one you love, no other.

2. It is exclusive, you don’t kiss another.

3. It makes you close your eyes because it’s so sweet.

4. It has a rhythm, it’s like a dance. He leads, she follows and then she leads, he follows.

5. He cups the cheek of her face with passion, that makes her feel wanted.

6. He squeezes her to himself gently yet roughly, this makes her nicely lose her breath.

7. His hands wander around her body, stroking her back, squeezing her bum, touching her arms and shoulders.

8. Her arms speak love, touching his neck, stroking his back.

9. The tongues are released to play at the right time.

10. It is not sloppy, messy or pain inflicting; teeth don’t knock on each other.

11. She plays, nibbling his lower lip then upper lip as he relaxes. She loves taking charge sometimes.

12. There is a break where they pause and look into each other’s eyes, searching each other’s soul then going back to kissing.

13. Some affectionate words are said in the middle of the kiss. Words such as “I love you”.

14. It cures the boredom or headaches you previously had because it excites you.

15. It brings you two closer, enriching your love.

16. It leaves you wanting more.

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