Kenya’s Taste Bar and Restaurant Awards are back!

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After two successful Taste Awards in 2011 and 2013, the third Taste Awards 2015  is back.

This year Taste is raising the ‘bar’, making the competition even tougher in the Prestige Judges Category as well as in the popular People’s Choice. Evaluations and nominations are already well underway.

Under People’s Choice Category, patrons will have the opportunity to vote for their most popular establishments across 16 awards including Most Popular Nyama Choma. Voting will open in August 2015 online via Taste will also be introducing voting via WhatsApp in real-time.

The Prestige Category includes the excellence list of Nairobi’s top restaurants and bars as voted on by a panel of food connoisseurs, beverage experts and personas of note at ‘Taste The Best Workshop’ which took place at Capital Club on 27th June 2015. This will also form the nominee list for top accolades such as Chef of The Year.

As part of our commitment to excellence and championing innovation Taste will introduce a new award for 2015. The Rising Star Award for up and coming chefs. It is open to any junior chef under the age of 25.

As with every Taste Award all evaluations are conducted impartially and to international rankings. All results are audited and monitored by BDO.

Results will be unveiled at the awards evening in early September.


 Prestige Category (Judges Voting)

  • Taste Excellence Top 12 Restaurants and Bars
  • Chef of the Year
  • Mixologist of the Year
  • Best Front of House (Service)
  • Best Wine List
  • The Rising Star, Junior Chef of The Year

People’s Choice Category (Popular Vote)

  • Most Popular Italian
  • Most Popular Continental
  • Most Popular East African/ NyamaChoma
  • Most Popular Indian
  • Most Popular Chinese
  • Most Popular Pan-Asian
  • Most Popular Food On The Go / Franchise
  • Most Popular Vegetarian
  • Most Popular Cafe or Coffee House
  • Most Popular Cocktail Bar
  • Most Popular Night Out Venue
  • Easy Dining In a Hotel
  • Most Popular Bar in a Hotel
  • Newcomer of the Year (Independent)
  • Most Popular Restaurant at the Coast
  • Most Popular Bar at the Coast
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