Pizza maker insures hands for Sh1.55 billion

man insures hands

Papa John’s’ founder has insured his hands for £10 million (Sh1.55 billion).

The founder and CEO of the restaurant chain, ‘Papa’ John Schnatter, is believed to be the first pizza maker in the UK to financially protect their hands, but has created the bespoke agreement with syndicates at Lloyd’s of London in case he ever loses them.

Palmist Amy Garner said the move was important as the businessman – who has more than 4,600 stores in 37 countries worldwide – has unique hands which are perfect for making the Italian treat.

She said: “The ‘whorl’ finger print on his right ring finger demonstrates Papa John is a ‘Master of Creativity’.

“Papa John’s rich imagination supports this – as demonstrated by his head line which curves down on the right hand. This is ideal for creating eye-catching pizza toppings and delicious recipes, essential in the business of making and selling pizzas.”

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