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  • Surad1960

    why incursion now and not before the somali civil unrest is almost a score old and only this month Kenya realized that its security is in jeopardy, it is fishy and i think that the big brother is using you Mr president.the refugee influx in 1990s was much more then that of today,however Kenya wanted to see Somalia with less threat to it militarily.i think only Somalis can solve their problem already Shabab made things easy for us by eliminating the useless and mercenary warlords and all the tribal loyalties and i think we will be in a better position when we defeat Shabab. foreign intervention in the already fragile peace process is unnecessary and effective.

  • Peter

    @surad1960 we should support the Kenya government and our beloved President in ensuring enduring peace in Somalia. If Somalians are not ready to bring peace to Somalia, and they reject our offers both militarily and through other means, Kenya will have no other choice than deport all somalis to archaic somalia as well as close the refugee camps that have degraded the arid north, as well as provided a breeding ground for shabab. We are concerned that if this is not done now, the Somali community will continue having 24 children per woman within every 10 years which tells you theres fraud going on to islamicize Kenya and create an islamic state. This is a direct threat to national security. Bure kabisa

  • SilentRiot

    I don’t care about religion in any way, what I do care about is the well being of people within my own neighbourhood of eastern Africa. Al Shabaab are a small threat now, and now is the time to strike. With them gone, hopefully Somalia will have peace with no more beheadings, stonings, denial of education and business growth. My thoughts and prayers are with our troops and the Somali people.

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