Study: Young people will have twice as many sexual partners as parents


Young people will have twice as many sexual partners as their parents.

A study commissioned by Samsung Galaxy S6 edge to celebrate the launch of their S6 switch kit, showed those respondents under 25 say they would have 33% more relationships than their parents. A third of the young people questioned also said they don’t expect to find a ‘life partner’, with two thirds claiming divorce is less stigmatised in their generation.

The study also found today’s youth think they will move twice as often as their parents, with 20% also expecting to change jobs at least ten times during their life.

Conor Pierce, Vice President of IT & Mobile at Samsung UK & Ireland, commented: “It’s clear from these results that people today expect to switch and swipe their way through life. The experiences of a younger generation will be markedly different to that of their parents and this new digital generation are unafraid of change.”

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