Beyonce inspires sky-scrapper design

Beyonce inspired building

Beyonce is the inspiration behind a new 226-metre high skyscraper in Melbourne, Australia.

The 33-year-old singer’s curvaceous figure, as seen in the ‘Ghost’ music video, has provided the basis of Australian firm Elenberg Fraser’s latest design.

The company said: “For those more on the art than science side, we will reveal that the form does pay homage to something more aesthetic – we’re going to trust you’ve seen the music video for Beyoncé’s ‘Ghost’.

“This project is the culmination of our significant research. The complex form – a vertical cantilever – is actually the most effective way to redistribute the building’s mass, giving the best results in terms of structural dispersion, frequency oscillation and wind requirements.”

Beyonce inspired building 2

It’s been confirmed the building will eventually accommodate 660 apartments as well as a 160-room hotel.

Meanwhile, Beyonce and her rap star husband Jay Z recently slipped down to second place, behind Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, on the list of the world’s highest-paid celebrity couple.

Their combined earnings were estimated by Forbes magazine to have been $110.5 million, much of which stemmed from their money-spinning On the Run tour, which was the fifth highest grossing excursion of 2014.

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  1. Avatar Jnkimwela October 26th, 2011 at 5:27 pm

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    ODOMO .where is mr ODOMO Raila. big mouth for nothing he should talk the talk n walk the walk.

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    wengine step aside for investigations, yake, kimya ka maji ya mutungi


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