Crazy celeb diet “tricks”: The lemonade-cayenne pepper diet

lemonade-cayenne pepper

Crazy Celebrity Diet Tricks is a series dedicated to the silly things celebs do to try to lose weight fast. Don’t try these at home!

The lemonade-cayenne pepper diet

Celebs such as Christina Applegate and Beyoncé Knowles have used the lemonade-cayenne pepper diet to try to shed some weight fast.

It basically involves making a drink concoction of lemonade and cayenne pepper (sometimes syrup or honey is added) and drinking this while severely limiting or entirely excluding solid food from the diet for a period of time.

While this diet would almost certainly result in weight loss from the restricted calorie intake, it would be very short lived weight loss because as soon as one returns to normal calorie intake much of the lost weight would probably return.

The other thing this diet is meant to do is rid the body of ‘toxins’

While ‘cleanse’ or ‘detox’ diets have become immensely popular, there is an issue with the specific workings of these diets… No-one can tell you what toxins you are getting rid of, or if you’re even getting rid of any in the first place. As such, I am very wary of any diet that promises ‘detoxification’ or ‘cleansing’.

The bottom line?

This is essentially a “fast” (starving your body for a period of time). And if you’re going to do a fast – not that I’m recommending this for everyone – do it with water. The lemonade and cayenne pepper aren’t necessarily doing anything.

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