What is the 22 day plant based diet?

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If you are always looking for new and fun ways to get healthy and change the way you eat for the better you have probably heard of the 22 Day Revolution.

Its all over social media and has particularly caught on in the States with many people jumping on the train to living and eating better. This post is to help shed a little light on what exactly the 22 Day Revolution entails. Beyonce is the biggest advocate for this diet and it is what got her looking DROP DEAD GORGEOUS For the MET Gala earlier this year.

For many Kenyans the idea of eating a purely vegan diet is completely unheard of and quite frankly ridiculous, lets face it we all LOVE our Nyama Choma!

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This diet is a 22 day program that is designed to help you loose weight, gain energy and enjoy all the perks of a happy and healthy body. Your moods will change, you will sleep better, your skin will clear up and you will begin to see the world in a much more positive light! Everyday hundreds of people drag themselves to the gym and force themselves to do the same old routine and then use this as an excuse to go home (or to KFC) and eat whatever they want. And we wonder why we aren’t loosing weight!

Truth be told you CANNOT outrun your fork! Health is 70% diet and 30% Gym! This diet requires you to do the following for 22 days:

1) Give up alcohol – don’t drink your calories, you will be surprised how many extra calories are in your favourite after work cocktail or glass of wine with adding little or no nutrients to your diet.

2) Give up meat, dairy and processed foods – without these foods to break down your body has loads of energy left to have you literally bouncing about and practically skipping to the gym!

3) Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily to support your new way of eating.

4) Eat Plant Based. Fill your kitchen with healthy fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Eating this gorgeous and fresh produce will help you get all the nutrients you need and cut down you calories drastically.

We will be taking this challenge starting on the 1st of July with daily blog posts to guide and encourage you along the way! Stay tuned.


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