Dream bathroom on a budget

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Bathroom on a budget

“Many people don’t realise that a budget-friendly bathroom is easier to achieve than they may think,” says Jasmin Kraneveldt, from leading sanitaryware and tiling retailer, Bathroom Bizarre.

Here are her tried and trusted tricks of the trade that will help you transform your bathroom into a more attractive and luxurious space without breaking the bank:

Out on the tiles

“You can’t go wrong with tiles in classic colours, such as white, grey, sand and charcoal – tiles are durable, easy to clean and attractive, and neutral tones offer longevity of style and mass appeal. However, neutral tones can tend to make your bathroom look just like the next one,” nods Jasmin.

She suggests keeping the bathroom walls and floors simple and cost-effective, using a plain tile, such as Bathroom Bizarre’s Contessa Grey Silk or New York Charcoal for example, but to add your personal touch in the form of feature strips using mosaics, such as Bathroom Bizarre’s Aluglass Grey Mix Stagger mosaic, for example.

“Adding small details, such as mosaics, below the shower rose or above the sink, will give any bathroom space a bespoke finish. And although mosaics tend to be a bit pricey, since they’re only used in small quantities, they won’t cost a fortune,” points out Jasmin.

Let there be light

Many bathrooms tend to have little natural light, yet it’s the one room that gets used several times throughout the day and night. Thus it is important to get your bathroom lighting sorted out, starting with a central pendant to flood the room with light.

“Not only does a ceiling pendant provide general light that’s so necessary in this functional space, but it also creates a focal point that anchors the room visually,” explains Jasmin, pointing out that Bathroom Bizarre’s ‘Saturn’ aluminium pendant retails for a mere R550, yet manages to elevate the bathroom look into something special. She advises getting a certified electrician to install the light fitting in your bathroom to ensure it meets all the necessary safety standards.

Stash it away

All the toiletries and bits ‘n’ bobs that come with good hygiene can make for a cluttered space that’s anything but relaxing.

“One of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your bathroom a fresh new look is to clear away all the clutter – it really makes a world of difference, both visually and from a more practical perspective,” says Jasmin.

Create designated storage areas that allow your toiletries to be stored within easy access for your daily routines. “Bathroom Bizarre’s ‘Eclipse’ wall mirror unit for example, is one of my favourite items, as it doubles as a mirror and a nifty storage unit, whilst still looking sleek and elegant – and at a mere R795, it is also really affordable. You would never guess there’s a whole stash of bathroom paraphernalia hidden behind its door,” smiles Jasmin.

In the mix

Tired old basin, bath and shower mixers can make your whole bathroom feel outdated, and they are often not very water-efficient, which means that they are costing you more than they should every month by wasting water.

“If you’re wanting to give your bathroom a fresh new look, then new plumbing fixtures are a must,” assures Jasmin. For her, the latest bathroom mixers are a fast, inexpensive and easy way to give your space a facelift with extra sparkle and sophistication.

Final touches

“Achieving a beautiful bathroom on a budget comes right down to the tiniest of details. So be sure to put away your nail clippers and face wash, and rather put on display your pretties, such as a beautiful bottle of perfume for example,” says Jasmin.

She believes that white has a calming effect on people and thus is a great colour to use in any bathroom. “Your whole bathroom needn’t be white to benefit from the soothing nature of this colour – for example, you can simply add a stack of neatly-folded fresh white hand towels next to the basin, or hang a plush white bath robe behind the bathroom door to help achieve this quality.”

Adding finishing touches, such as a fresh bunch of flowers, a pretty ceramic cup to hold your toothbrushes, or a hand-woven basket to house your toilet rolls, will instantly elevate your space and add to the space an indulgent element that you can enjoy every day.

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