#MenAndRelationships: When a man is just so into you…

Remember this article here that touched on the issue of women being the best excuse machines when it comes to defending men who behave badly in their relationships? Well, a couple of men were polled just so that they could give their side of every excuse women make on their behalf. The men were asked questions based on different situations where women are always giving lame excuses defending men whose bad behaviors do not deserve any form of defending. The polls are courtesy of the book He’s Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo.

Check this out:


Of women who ask men out:

*Woman’s excuse: I think he is a little intimidated by me, so I will give him a push towards the right direction and ask him out instead.

Poll results: 24 men ranging from ages 24 to 45 who are in serious long-term relationships were polled. Not one of their relationships started with the woman asking them out first. One guy even said that if she had “It would have spoiled all the fun.”




When a man doesn’t call:

*Woman’s excuse: He never calls me because he’s a very busy man. I understand.

Poll results: 100% of men polled said they have never been too busy to call a woman they were really into. One fine man even said “A man has got to have his priorities.”




When a man refuses to be intimate:

*Woman’s excuse: I think he has a lot on his mind. His last relationship was tough plus he is afraid of getting hurt again. I understand that he has difficulty being intimate with me. Intimacy is not a priority now plus I think I put on a little weight anyway.

Poll results: 100% of men polled said ‘a fear of intimacy” has never stopped them from getting into a relationship. One guy even remarked, “Fear of intimacy is an urban myth.” Another guy said, “That’s just what we say to girls when we’re just not into them.”

20 out of 20 men polled said, without hesitation that they have never really been into a woman who they didn’t want to have sex with. One man even said, “What?! Excuse me! And the point is?!”




When a man cheats and gets caught:

*Woman’s excuse: He slept with her twice but I forgave him because at least he knew her from before and he says it was a mistake and it will never happen again.

Poll results: 100% of guys polled said they have never accidentally slept with anyone. (But many of them wanted to know how this accident could occur, and how they can get involved in such an accident.)




When a man doesn’t want to marry to you:

*Woman’s excuse: He says he is just not the marrying kind and he will never get married because he just doesn’t believe in marriage.

Poll results: 100% of the men polled said they would have no problem marrying a woman who they were positive was the love of their life. One man answered, “What kind of knucklehead has a problem marrying the love of his life?”




When a man breaks up with you:

*Woman’s excuse: I know he is the one who broke up with me but he says he still misses me. I know we will get back together soon.

Poll results: 100% of men polled said that when they broke up with someone, it always meant that they didn’t want to go out with them anymore.



stress free woman

When a man pulls a disappearing act:

*Woman’s excuse: I haven’t heard from him in weeks and whenever I call him he says he will call me back but he never does. Maybe he’s having a tough time at work.

Poll results: 100% of men polled who had “disappeared” on a woman said that at the time they were completely aware of what horrible thing they were doing, and no woman calling them up and talking to them would have changed that.



Couple Arguing in the Bedroom

When a man becomes a selfish jerk, a bully and a douchebag:

*Woman’s excuse: He throws tantrums over very trivial issues, he never takes me out anymore. The other day he forgot my birthday but I know he still loves me.

Poll results: 100% of the guys polled said they have never tried to torture or humiliate a girl they were really into.


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