#BeautyBar: The best homemade foot scrubs for cracked heels

DIY Foot Scrub 7

Few things are more intimate than having your feet rubbed by your partner after a long, hard day. Cute, right? Now throw in some dry, cracked heels into the equation and that romantic moment just turned into a horror scene.

Made especially worse by walking in sandals, cracked feet are not only an eyesore, but they can quite as easily be a romance killer.

Fear not though, there’s a quick fix to this! Here are two easy DIY scrubs you can whip up at home that will act as a great exfoliate.

DIY Foot Scrub Ingredients


  • Start by soaking your feet in warm water for five minutes. This will allow your skin to loosen up a little.
  • Take your pick on the ingredients above and mix them into a thick scrub. Rub it in circular motions on your foot, focusing on your driest areas.
  • Follow with a pumice stone making sure you’re not too rough. This will help get rid of any extra dry skin.
  • Rinse off with clean water and pat dry.
  • Oil your feet with a creamy moisturizer (petroleum jelly will do) and wear some cotton socks right after. This will help retain the moisture.

And there you have it, your own set of happy feet!

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