The perfect weight-loss pantry: spice up your life

Beautiful woman cooking in the kitchen

‘The Perfect Pantry’ is a series dedicated to teaching you what you should have in your kitchen at all times if you want to eat healthily and lose weight.

Spice up your life

One of the major complaints of people who make excuses for not eating healthily is that ‘bad’ foods ‘taste better’ than ‘good’ foods.

The reason for this is that most ‘bad’ food is so loaded with salt, chemicals and sugar that it doesn’t really need to have a taste because it activates pleasure centres in your brain which tell you that you like it.

This is a BIG problem, because many, many people – maybe even you – are addicted to salt, chemicals and sugar and you don’t even know it.

Quick test: Imagine drinking only water instead of any other beverage for ONE DAY. If your first reaction is ‘that’s impossible’ you probably have a sugar problem.

So how does one combat the issue of foods overloaded with sugar, chemicals and salt ‘tasting better’ than healthier foods?

LEARN TO COOK WITH SPICES! Spices are natural, healthier alternatives to things like prepared condiments, table salt and sugar and can open up a whole world of culinary experiences. The best part? They actually contribute some nutrients to your diet too.

Start simply

Get a couple of specifically designed spice-mixes like a vegetable spice, meat spice, a chicken spice and a fish spice (make sure they are all natural) and a pepper grinder.

Once you get an idea of what you like and don’t like you can begin buying individual spices. Otherwise try to get into the spices of particular regional cuisines you enjoy. Spend some time learning about the various spices used in your favourite meals, whether they be Chinese, Mexican or Mediterranean.

The best part?

The people you cook for will think you’ve been to cookery school! Your cooking will transform into something special AND you’ll be eating more healthily.

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