Swimming is the best cardio workout

I am a self-proclaimed foodie – go figure!  With an appetite and passion for food like mine, most wonder how do I stay healthy?  I literally “live to eat!”  So, shouldn’t I have high blood pressure, my body be full of cholesterol, and be a bit pudgy around the corners?

Fortunately I have been blessed with a quick metabolism, but like anybody else, when you creep closer to thirty and your body starts burning fat slower, the only way to maintain your health is to be proactive about it.


Gym Anyone?

Of course going to the gym or taking a run in the morning may come first to mind, but not everyone is disciplined enough to look forward to a high-impact and gruelling workout.

More often than not, going to the gym is a lot of hard work but if not done in a consistent circuit, burning calories and reaching a full body workout is harder than it may seem.  With that being said, going to the gym is wonderful and I applaud anyone that does religiously, however for the amateurs your efforts may be wasted.

So what’s the next best thing…or the best thing?

Enter: Swimming

Swimming is really a no-brainer.  Swimming is one of those rare low-impact exercises that works magic on even the laziest of people.

At one go, swimming conditions the entire body, tones and increases muscle strength, lowers blood pressure, conditions the cardiovascular system, improves flexibility, relieves stress, improves circulatory problems and is simply enjoyable.  Even floating will help build core strength!

Compared to other cardio workouts, studies have shown swimming burns more calories than any other activity.

After concluding a stressful day at the office, who really wants to go lift weights or run on a boring treadmill?  There’s just something in the water.  Water has healing properties and swimming will ultimately relax your body and soothe your mind.

Swimming forces you to focus on the rhythm of your strokes, which help regulate your breathing and inevitably rejuvenates any racing mind.  The natural meditative qualities of swimming will instantly refresh your body and put that jump back into your step.





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