Thando Hopa

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  1. Senior LAME October 16th, 2011 at 1:10 am

    It is a great tragedy for all concerned, especially the loss of life incurred. At the same time it is deeply felt by all those very well meaning individuals who have been involved in the Aviation Industry in PNG over many decades. Collectively we all share this grief and have always looked after the best interests of our fellow men. As an expatriate I spent many years in both Lae and Port Moresby and have nothing but praise for the high standards maintained in those days, beginning with the world class Aircraft Type Training provided by both Ansett and Qantas. We then went on to maintain those high standards of airworthiness and airmanship proficiency etc., in order to assure the safety standards of our travelling public customers and that of the national flag carrier. I strongly believe that these genuine endeavours are still apparent, and that the crews give their very best especially with the local knowledge when dealing with the rugged terrain and suddenly changing weather conditions. Many say that the PNG environment has been the best part of their aviation career. Senior LAME, Auckland New Zealand. 


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