Too cool for H2O? Find out the damage you could be causing your health


Water. Is. Life!

Water plays a very important role in our health as our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water.

We need water for cell life, chemical and metabolic reactions, transportation of nutrients, body temperature regulation and elimination of waste.

There are people who would rather be caught dead than drink water not knowing that they may be harming their health and bringing heath complications on to themselves. Our bodies need water. Lots and lots of water. Because on any given day we lose lots and lots of it when we breathe, sweat, pee, poop, sneeze, cry and at the same time we need not forget that ALL our organs need water to function properly. We need to help your organs work well for us.

Maybe I should fill you in on this little secret…you can go a week without food but without water, even 48hours might land you in ICU and maybe even the morgue. Our bodies use the little water we drink to ensure our bodies work well. So, whenever you feel thirsty, that’s an indication that your body has used up almost every bit of water it had in store and there’s not enough water in your body to facilitate proper bodily functions.

When you drink enough water, you reduce the risk of heart attack, kidney stones and cancer in the urinary and digestive tracts.

When you don’t drink sufficient water your body really struggles to function with the little water it gets through food, fruit, tea and anything else you may have consumed that contains a bit of water. You could be increasing the risk of the following health problems:

*Did you know that when your blood loses liquids, it will start creating Cholesterol so that it can’t lose any more liquid?

*As we grow older, our bodies require more water and without it we could be unknowingly accelerating the aging process and you wonder why you are aging prematurely?

*It is a no brainer that when we don’t drink enough water, we limit enzyme action in our bodies which may lead to fatigue, lack of energy and mood swings.

*Lack of sufficient water in the body makes your body dissolve toxins in the urine which will result to Urinary infections.


*When you don’t drink enough water, you interfere with secretion of gastric juices which may lead to indigestion.

*You know why junk food is bad for you? Because it is all fried and has zero water content so it does no good for your body. Our intestines need water from the food we eat for proper digestion so if you do not consume enough water, then you will have to welcome constipation to your life.

Hint: As the day progresses, the color of your urine should be a very slight yellow to clear in color. This is an indication that you drink enough water.

*Hello Obesity! I bet you know that sometimes your brain can tell you that you are hungry when you are actually thirsty. When you are dehydrated, your brain will tend to think that you are hungry and that will make you eat when you are not necessarily hungry making you gain unwanted weight. Not drinking enough water will also mess with your metabolism process which may lead you to become Obese.

*Water and blood flow go hand in hand. Water is required for normal blood flow. In the case where you do not consume enough water, your blood pressure will definitely get affected.

*Mucosal tissues in the airways require water without which secretion of mucus will be interfered with resulting in breathing difficulties.

*Sweating is a very important process for your skin. Your body requires that you drink enough liquids so that you can sweat out the toxins that may irritate your skin.

*Rheumatism may come in when dehydration checks in! Dehydration tends to increase the concentration of toxins in the blood and tissues increasing pain in the process.

Love yourself. Drink Water!




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