Emirates Introduces ‘Hold My Fare’ Service



Emirates, a global connector of people, places and experiences, is now making it easier for customers in select markets and the UAE to book and lock in fares while they simultaneously plan their travel itineraries for their business trips, family holidays or weekend getaways.

‘Hold My Fare’ is a new feature on emirates.com that offers customers the opportunity to hold their reservations and lock in competitive Emirates fares for up to 48 hours for a nominal fee, which is calculated based on the booked route or destination and applies to every passenger except infants. To lock in the best fare and preferred flight, customers are asked to authorize the reservation, which will then be held on their credit card. The fee is released back to customer’s credit card if tickets are paid for within 48 hours.

Thierry Antinori, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Emirates explains: “Emirates is committed to finding innovative ways to make the online booking experience even more convenient. With ‘Hold My Fare’, we are providing our customers added flexibility to firm up their travel plans at their own pace. Customers can finalize the details of their journey, organize accommodation with their travel companions or family with the peace of mind that their preferred flights won’t sell out and that they are guaranteed that their fares will not be affected.”

Customers can choose the ‘Hold My Fare’ option on the payment page of emirates.com. Customers also receive a booking confirmation email after they have used ‘Hold My Fare’, with information on when the booking will be held until, as well as instructions and links to the ‘Manage a booking’ page on emirates.com when they decide to pay for their flights. Once they choose ‘Pay Now’, more services like travel insurance, hotel stays and car rentals can be added to their journey.

Emirates is the first airline in the region to introduce this online service to customers.


  • rao

    Kudos Safina. Show them the way. ODM has cowardly handled the issue of Rebels from within.  Simply follow the Party rules and Parties Act and take a position as Safina has shown.  And when will those elections be held??? 

    • Honey

      Didn’t ODM throw out Isaac Ruto & co. yet IIEC over ruled it? Martha Karua filed for expulsion of Sonko and Kabogo but when ODM did the same for the rebels, they were ‘wrong’
      Anyway if this was ODM, we would be hearing ‘Raila is a dictator, ODM doesn’t allow divergent views’ Kudos wouldn’t feature anywhere. Oh the double standards!!!!

  • Vintokim17

    everybody as a democratic right to support whoever he wishes for any elective position including the presidency.these cowards should oil their campaign machinery and campaign for their candidate without engaging us in mediocrity. Muite is trying all means to resurrect a party that is now officially dead in central Kenya.


    We residents of MATHIRA never elected the so called safina as a party. we elected Hon Maina for his vision and we would still elect him even as an independent candidate, The so called safina or whatever it is has no following in Mathira and we dont even know what it stands for, Its a case of sour grapes as  the party is likely to loose the MP who has deep pockets,,it simply shows what we should expect when parties are led by characters of dubious distinction..

  • Tony Airo

    Yes the safina party officials and members, this is how to do it how to do it, every law passed in this country must be respected by all.

  • Francis

    I did not know that i would live long enough to see Muite  “EXPEL” people from a dead party.Muite will not win the councilor’s sit in Kikuyu leave alone presidency.Which presidential elections have been held that Maina has “supported another candidate?”.Muite should get a life-stop the nonsense/KANU stuff and accept a bitter reality that he is the MOST IRRELEVANT person today in central/national politics.Abusing the police/first family as a career will not take him anywhere-IT IS CHILDISH/JUVENILE AND DEMEANING of your education/profession.

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