#Video: 10 Grooming tips for men

Men's grooming tips

Let’s face it, there’s a new breed of men out there who like to go the extra mile to look sharp and neat. I’m talking facials, occasional mani-pedis and moisturised lips thanks to a handy chapstick.

And whereas these little efforts may not be widely embraced by all men, I can assure you that the ladies do appreciate the few who spare us from having to deal with ashy elbows or dry, cracked feet.

This video, created by Michelle Phan, is the perfect way to slowly introduce your ____ ( fill in the blank with the appropriate noun: boyfriend/brother/best friend/father/husband) to different grooming elements.

From skin care to hygiene, the video is a great place to start if you’re wondering what to include to your beauty regimen, gentlemen.

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