Excellent light fixtures for low ceilings


(CYNTHIA MUGI) Overhead lighting can be tricky if your ceiling is low. When on the hunt for light fixtures you will often find large chandeliers that hang several feet.  With a low ceiling, this means that you will hit your head on the light fixture every time you walk past.  Light fixtures for low ceilings need to be close to the ceiling itself and should be able to carry your sense of style.  In order to ensure that light fixture accidents do not happen, it is advisable to ensure that the fixture does not hang lower than 6 feet 8 inches off the floor.

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In order to have a light fixture that is both dramatic and eye catching you will need a low profile fixture that is large in diameter.  This will create the ceiling drama necessary without the risk of bumping your head.  The diameter of the light fixture should be determined by the size of the room.  The larger the room, the greater the diameter of the light fixture you choose. Another way to create eye catching ceilings and lighting is to use wall paper on a section of the ceiling accompanied by a light fixture that brings out the colors of the wall paper on the ceiling.Lamps-Plus-8

Excellent designs for low ceilings include a flame fixture, sunburst fixture, flush mounted fixture and resin bowl designs among others.  If you have a long hallway with a low ceiling, a repetitive pattern will create both drama and interest.  Lighting for low ceilings can also be achieved by making use of the architecture you have in the room using recessed lighting in the ceiling and walls.  Basically, with a low ceiling you want light fixtures that will maximize diameter or width instead of height.  You can still get the same eye popping ceiling drama without losing the glamour!



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