7 Ways to boost workout results

workout boost

If you’re exercising but struggle to see the difference it makes, here are tips from GO Health to help boost your workout results.

Boost workout results

Make every gym session worthwhile by following these tips from GO Health, state of the art health club facilities.

1. Eat healthily

First things first, there is no point in exercising a lot if you are eating junk.

2. Warm up

No matter how short your training session, there is always time for a warm up. This is the best way to avoid injury. 

3. Set realistic goals

It is important to set goals that you know you can achieve in order to keep your motivation up. 

4. Work out with a friend

Exercising is always more fun and motivating when done with a friend. It’s great to meet someone for those early morning workouts and have a friend to chat with while exercising.

5. Always stretch

Stretching is vital, as it promotes flexibility, relieves tension and improves posture. 

6. Don’t stop motivating yourself

Stay motivated by thinking positively and applauding yourself for achieving each fitness goal.

7. Pair cardio with weights

The combination of cardio and weights ensures more visible results in a shorter time.

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