Our2Cents Ep37

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  1. Gima November 16th, 2011 at 6:33 am

    How bright in was for Bishop Dan Migosi of New Life Pentecostal church to have done what the city council and National environmental management authority could not do as they did not have an idea on what to do. Migosi used simple educational principle to save lives of which the entire team who had come only watched from a distance only to be saved by the bishop but the onlookers took the credit. It  calls for a great man to use his own money to buy the chemicals for neutralizing the acidic gas for the sake of the people. He put his life and money at risk to save thousands at Shauri moyo as well as saving the environment. Migosi is real a hero.Its rare to find such people in a society like ours who will surely sacrifice for other people. ddnbi


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