Why you need to get hula hooping

Three Young Women Playing with Hula Hoops --- Image by © Jon Feingersh/zefa/Corbis

Hula hooping is just one of those extremely fun activities we remember and cherish from childhood. Back then it was all about fun and competing about who can balance it longer. What we didn’t know is that we were actually working out in the process. These two reasons should be enough  to make you run  to the supermarket and get yourself a hula hoop. Here are some more reasons you should get hula hooping like your life depends on it.

*Hula hooping  is a fun activity for the whole family. During those random fun get-togethers, put your phones away and pick up a hula hoop instead. See how much fun you have, the laughs, the sweat you break but above all how great you will feel after a hula hooping session.

*You will burn calories hula hooping. Breaking a sweat doing something physical obviously means burning calories!

*Your moods will get a good boost. You know how exercising helps your body release those feel-good hormones? Well, anytime you feel down in the dumps, pick up a hula hoop and get hooping. You will be working out and having so much fun while at it, you will forget  why you were stressing out.ybb-hoop-opener-400x400

* A hula hoop is such a cheap workout tool. They don’t cost much. You can get one from as low as ksh200 or better yet, you can DIY and make good use of a wire and improvise.

*You will improve your balance and coordination abilities hula hooping. Who wouldn’t want to have superb balance and coordination skills? Who? Hula hooping helps you achieve just that as in your fun way of working out you also have a fun task of trying to balance the hoop as you do the hula dance which requires coordination.

*Hula hoops help you work your core muscles… and other muscles as well. Balancing the hoop is not an easy task. It requires that you engage your core muscles in the process. So belly fat and love handles be gone! And it’s not just the core muscles that benefit, your legs and arms  have a share in the muscle building plan.

*Good posture anyone? Since hula hooping requires that you do the hula dance while maintaining a straight upper body balance you will be doing your spine a huge favor. The dancing will also help increase blood flow to the muscles supporting your spine.

*Your heart benefits too. Hula hoping is a form of aerobic exercise and aerobics are known to do wonders for the heart and overall cardiovascular health.

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