What to consider when buying a mattress

Buying a mattress 3

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to get your day started on the right note. But pick the wrong mattress, and you might as well throw some pebbles on the floor and sleep on that.

Given the amount of time one spends in their bed (ideally it should be about eight hours which means you spend a third of your day on that bed) then buying the right mattress is imperative to a good night’s rest.

Here are some tips to help you next time you’re out shopping for a mattress:

Do your research

Understand the different types of mattresses that are currently in the market. From innerspring mattresses (usually the least expensive) to memory foam (conforms to your body) or an air mattress (with adjustable firmness), the market has a lot to offer so doing your research will make your job a little easier.

Back it up

Before making a purchase, consider any particular needs that your back requires and if you’re not too sure, consult your doctor. They may not be experts on mattresses but they should be able to give you tips on what your body and back require.

Check your Warranty

If you’re splurging on your mattress then you might want to check that the brand offers anywhere between five to ten years warranty for full replacements. If possible, try to ask for a 2 week comfort guarantee so as to get your money back or exchange for a different mattress.

Sleep on it

Despite how awkward it may seem, try lying on the mattress for about 10 minutes before leaving the store with your big purchase. There’s no point in taking it home only to find it wasn’t as comfortable as you thought it was when you sat on it.

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