Selecting Living room curtains and drapes

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(CYNTHIA MUGI) The one thing you need to understand when selecting living room curtains and drapes is that they will have a huge effect on the overall décor and atmosphere of the room.  Because of that, your choice cannot be haphazard.  Your choice will need to complement your overall design and bring out your sense of style while meeting functional needs.  Selecting living room curtains and drapes means that you will have to take into consideration fabric, color, and style.  The curtains you select for the living room will need to be inviting and comfortable, so that you can comfortably receive guests and enjoy the space even when alone.

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The first thing you need to consider when selecting window treatments is the number and size of the windows that you have in your living room.  This will have an impact on the kind of curtains and drapes you select.  If the windows are large, you are able to influence how much light comes into the room with the curtains you choose.  Other functions of curtains and drapes that you must consider include the need for privacy, determining how much cold or heat comes in through the windows.  When it comes to design, you will need to ensure that you select something that complements or goes well with the décor you already have in place.  However, you may also consider introducing a new color scheme or even a new design element with curtains and drapes.

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If the windows you are working with are small, you may get curtains and drapes that you can easily open and close using your hand.  However, if they are much larger, consider installing a cord to operate them.  With modern interior décor shops now in Nairobi, you can select different styles including grommet top curtains or pinch pleated tub top curtains.  The former have large grommet holes that a rod passes through, while the pleated curtains and drapes tend to be fuller and have the fabric gathered at the top and are placed over the rod.  Materials to use can include cotton, velvet, suede and the ever popular silk curtains and drapes.  Additionally, you can either have your curtains made or find ready made curtains and drapes.

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