#WeirdNews: Sir Winston Churchill’s half-smoked cigar up for auction


One of Sir Winston Churchill’s stubbed cigars is expected to fetch thousands of pounds at auction.

Britain’s wartime Prime Minister was frequently seen smoking on a cigar throughout his premiership and the chewed end of one of his cigars is set to go under the hammer in October.

According to the BBC, the cigar was picked out of an ashtray by a nurse while the former prime minister was recuperating from a fractured hip at Middlesex Hospital in 1962. She saved it for her little brother in a bag marked “soiled dressings disposal” where it has been kept since.

Timothy Medhurst, an auctioneer, said: “The cigar is something we all associate with Churchill, one of the greatest leaders in history.”

It’s been confirmed the stubbed cigar will go under the hammer at Duke’s of Dorchester later this year.

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