Wedding101: Registry gifts you’ll actually use

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Here’s how to create the ultimate wedding registry, filled with helpful appliances and awesome stuff you’ll be using weekly, rather than stacked in the garage, still in their boxes…

Much research has been done to find out which registry items people actually use

The problem here is that such items are deeply personal. One person might absolutely love their stand mixer while another just doesn’t do enough baking. There’s always that one woman who adores fresh juices and smoothies for breakfast every day, while others can’t stand the hassle of cleaning a juicer.

When compiling your registry of essentials, bear your own lifestyle in mind

If you love throwing extravagant dinner parties for 20 guests, go ahead and add that dinner set. But if your idea of a good Saturday night involves the couch and episodes of MasterChef, you won’t need that set of extravagant plates.

Some common rarely used registry gifts include:

Wine decanter. Because let’s be honest, who has the time to wait for wine to breathe?
Panini press. These are so old-fashioned and a total non-essential. Grilled cheese sandwiches taste better made in the pan anyway.
Napkin rings. Far too fussy. Your dinner guests, if you’re into that kind of thing, won’t even notice they’re missing.
Knife block. These knife blocks always come with far too many knives. You probably don’t even know what half of them do. They’re quick to become dull and end up wasting space on your kitchen counter.
Bread machine. We would all love to be the kind of woman who rises early daily to create a fresh loaf for her family. But we’re not. And the sight of that machine hidden in the back of the cupboard just makes us feel guilty.

Items people wish they’d included on their registry lists:

There are scores of lists all over the internet detailing what people wish they’d included on their registries. All those items are tools they use daily. Think about your life and what you – you right now, not the fantasy version – would find useful.

  • If you don’t enjoy cooking but prefer gardening, don’t stress and register for a new rake.
  • Not into gardening but dying to travel the world? Ask your guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund.
  • At the end of the day, your guests will appreciate knowing that their gifts are being used and enjoyed.

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