#Tastemakers: “Dining in the Dark” in Africa with founder Abdul Karama

susan wong interviews abdul karama gizani dining in the dark in nairobi kenya tastemakers

Gizani, Kiswahili for “In the Dark” combines excellence in service delivery with a profound social purpose. The event is a fine dining experience held in complete darkness and assisted by highly qualified visually impaired staff.

In this week’s episode, Susan Wong speaks to Founder of Gizani, Abdul Karama, a lawyer who lost his sight in 2008.

To book your dining experience with Gizani through Eat Out, click here.

About Tastemakers

Passion for craft captured. Tastemakers is an inspiring, quirky, colourful and personality driven video documentary series curated and directed by award-winning lifestyle journalist Susan Wong (@susanluckywong), produced and edited by Francis Mbatha (@francombatha) – dedicated to sharing the amazing personal stories behind good craft.

Tastemakers will bring you to kitchens, onto farmland, into mechanic workshops, reveal a DJ’s personal vinyl collection and inside an artisan jeweler’s studio; to find out all the secrets and stories that drives people’s crafts. All good craft has a story.


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