#DidYouKnow: Sleepy people eat more


Not getting enough sleep? Been pulling late nights for the last few days? You’ll just make up for sleep over the weekend, right? Sound familiar?

A Columbia University study (St-Onge, March 2011) led by Marie-Pierre St. Onge, a research associate at New York Obesity Research Center, looked at the eating habits of sleep-deprived individuals and found that people who sleep less, eat more – in fact about 300 calories more per day. Researchers also found that sleep-deprived individuals also don’t make wise food choices with most choosing to eat unhealthy and fatty foods. Women were also more vulnerable to overeating when sleepy: tired women ate 328.6 extra calories and sleepy men ate 262.7 calories.

The study was presented at the American Heart Association’s annual conference on nutrition, physical activity, and metabolism. However, unlike the studies published in medical journals, the research presented at the meeting has not been thoroughly vetted by other experts in the field.

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