6 Ways to upgrade your rental bathroom

Rental Bathroom Cover 2

Living in a rented apartment can leave a lot of us wondering “what were they thinking when they thought of installing that ugly _____?” And to make matters worse, there’s little to nothing one can do about these permanent features unless money is not a factor and your landlord is a flexible gem of a person.

But for many, you can only tweak few things here and there in the hope of making your new space more ‘you’ and chic.

Besides the living room, your powder room is one of the spaces that your guests are likely to pay a visit to. For those looking to revamp their bathroom, here are some small tweaks that you could consider adopting:


Rental Bathrooms Title - Embrace fun artwork Rental Bathrooms - artwork 1

Hang interesting artwork that’s a reflection of your personality. Not only will it add some life to your bathroom but it will also entertain your guests!


Rental Bathrooms - Kick in some colourRental Bathrooms - Colour Assuming your bathroom isn’t covered in tiles, consider going for a good paint job in a bright colour or wall paper to add some glam to the space.



Rental Bathrooms Title - Select a scent Rental Bathrooms - scent 6

Let’s not forget the obvious, bathroom should be pretty but it should also be able to cater to the basics. Selecting a scent to get your powder room smelling like a dream should be at the top of your list!


Rental Bathrooms Title - Mirror mirror on the wall Rental Bathrooms - circular bathroom mirror 3

There’s a high chance that the mirror in the powder room comes in a rectangle shape so to spice things up, opt for a circular frame.


Rental Bathrooms Title - Shower me some love Rental Bathrooms - shower curtain

If you happen to only have one bathroom in your apartment, then where the guests go to tinkle is the also where you take a shower. It therefore makes all the sense to pick a shower curtain that speaks volumes.


Rental Bathrooms Title - Personalized touch Rental Bathrooms - personalized touch

There’s nothing more sophisticated than adding a personalized touch to any room. Opt for some monogrammed hand or bath towels to spice things up a little.

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