Using Mirrors in Bedroom Décor


(CYNTHIA MUGI) Placing mirrors in strategic places in your bedroom makes all the difference in your bedroom décor. Additionally, it makes it easier to check out your clothes in the morning before you go off to face your day. Small day to day tasks that must be performed in front of a bedroom mirror such as touching up your make up or straightening a tie become a joy. The idea is to arrange your bedroom mirrors so that they are easily accessible to all.

There should be at least two mirrors in every bedroom: A vanity mirror and a full length mirror. Most Kenyans have medium sized to small bedrooms and need to ensure that their décor takes space into consideration. As such, mounting the full length mirror to your bedroom door or your wardrobe door is a great idea. Your door mirror should be placed in such a way that you can stand in front of it both close and at a distance in order to get different views of yourself. There should be enough light reflecting off your mirrors. If there is not enough natural light, placing a lamp close to the mirror will do the trick.


Your vanity mirror or dressing table mirror should be placed in such a way as to make the most of natural light coming into the room. The best place for it is close to a window where you can clearly see as you apply your make up. Even though majority of us wear our make up in the bathroom, having a comfortable, well lit place to do it just makes the experience more luxurious. For the more adventurous fun loving person, a mirror on the headboard is a great idea. A great idea is to have a box frame for the bed and then have 3 full length mirrors mounted sideways on the wall or on the headboard for a designer look!

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