Fitted Seat Covers a.k.a Slipcovers


(CYNTHIA MUGI) Most of us have some kind of horror story about the old fashioned slip/seat covers that our grandparents had on their couches in a misguided attempt at interior decor. Ugly flowery things made from a nylon material that would slip, slide, bunch up and fall off anytime you sat on the couch. Today, slipcovers are making a comeback and can be found in a large variety of fabrics including corduroy, suede, cotton, velvet and even leather. Thank God for the modern technology of fitted slipcovers that ensures that they stay intact.
Fitted slip covers give you the great advantage of having a new living room every so often without having to change your seats. To choose the best slipcovers you need to ensure that the measurements are accurate. Without the right fit, your slip covers are not going to look right. Pick a fabric that looks great and avoid the cheap looking kind that bunches up and wrinkles every time someone sits on it. Be sure to take note of how the seat cover will fasten onto the couch as this does make a huge difference on the overall look.

The best slipcovers will have hidden clips, zippers or grips that will cause the fabric to adhere to your couch. If these are not in place, the couch will look great until someone sits on it and then it will pull out from under the back rest or become mussed up. Another way to ensure that the seat cover fits properly is to use noticeable ties or hidden elastic like you find on fitted bed sheets. The best idea is to have a seat cover that has individual covers for each sofa cushion. This will give your couch a more upholstered look. Be sure to select a material that is easy to maintain and does not shrink or wrinkle up when washed.
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