#BeautyBar: Sugaring, a new alternative in the hair removal world

Sugaring hair removal

There’s nothing like a well kept, Middle Eastern hair removal secret to get the beauty world buzzing.

This ancient technique known as sugaring has been used for centuries by Arabic women in their beauty regimen and is starting to get some well deserved attention.

Sugaring hair removal 2

The process begins when a thick, gooey paste is placed on your skin in the opposite direction of your hair growth but the actual hair removal takes place when the paste is flicked off in the same direction as hair growth.


  • Contains no harsh chemicals – a major bonus for those with sensitive skin.
  • Can be made at home using sugar, lemon juice and water.
  • Less likely to irritiate your skin as you flick the paste off in the direction of hair growth (unlike waxing which goes in the opposite direction) hence decreasing the chances of ingrown hairs.
  • Large amounts of hair can be taken out at once meaning the process is likely to take a shorter amount of time compared to waxing.

Despite it’s glaringly obvious benefits, sugaring is yet to be embraced by beauticians across the world. That being said, there’s nothing stopping  you from trying this simple technique at home. Just be sure to do your research and take into account any special attention that your skin requires.

So, would you try this ancient technique out?!

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