• Gakuta James

    Is anybody holding back the administration from delivering? When will we quit this obsession about Raila and actually start delivering and working? The game of blaming Raila has worked for a few months but we are no longer gullible, no sane Kenyan buys it any more, he is no longer the convenient excuse. Any significant change in the lives of Kenyans will be noticed whether Raila is silent or screaming through a thousand loud speakers.

    • makray

      My goodness…if I didn’t know any better, I’d say this was an official Jubilee press release.
      I have considerable quarrels with the opposition, but Jubilee is sometimes really chasing them for silliness honors. This may be the most eloquent president we’ve had, but substance has not emerged after the rhetoric. This administration flopped on laptops (thank goodness) and cannot get a grip on insecurity in Lamu. Tourism’s gone to the dogs and the cost of living is stretching Kenyans to pain. The article’s author exemplifies Jubilee’s issue; obsession with the opposition. They found 15,000 cops to attend to the urban centers during Saba-Saba, but can’t get enough cops to quell weekly bloodletting at the coast. It’s almost comical; almost.

  • Shi Mkenya

    I agree with the writer that it is imperative for those politicking to give the current government room to work for the people of Kenya. The way I see it, the attempt to derail the work that the current government is trying to do is because there is fear that if the Jubilee Government actually deliver even half of what they promised, the people will
    rally behind them in 2017. Like it or not, President Uhuru will remain President until 2017.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta was democratically elected by Kenyans and we as citizens of this country MUST demand that the presidency be respected. The Uhuru administration came to power under new Constitution dispensation that presented a few kinks. Implementing a new Constitution is no walk in the park especially in a volatile State like ours.

    Having said that, I think the Jubilee government needs to address the issues that keep coming up in its own ranks. If the Uhuru administration cannot sell its own agenda & plan to it own members (Governors, Senators, MPs & MCAs) then their journey to delivering it Manifesto will be uphill all the way!


    A coward always hides behind someone else after he has thrown a stone

  • DavidPkemoi

    life without politics is boring.

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