Wall Paper Vs. Paint


(CYNTHIA MUGI)  Generally in Kenyan interior decorating, paint is the most popular treatment for walls. This has been so for a long time mainly because paint is the cheaper, easier way to ensure that a room gets a face lift. Paint can be used to draw attention away from or towards a certain feature in a room. Most people also find paint more versatile when it comes to giving a room a more airy and light feeling.

Wall paper on the other hand takes some wall preparation before you can put it up. However, it tends to last much longer than a coat of paint. Modern wall paper can last anywhere from 10 – 25 years whereas a room will need repainting every 2 or so years. In truth, wall paper can last a good 5 times longer than a regular paint job. This makes wall paper a much more economical choice over time.

When it comes to beautifying the walls of any room, nothing beats wall paper! Wall paper has a way of adding character and warmth to a room and is a great way to create various effects that can elicit a series of emotions. A wall papered room has an entirely new feel and look to it that cannot be achieved with paint. When using wall paper in your interior décor you can choose from various patterns that give various looks such as timber, brick, leather and more. These looks cannot be attained using paint. Wall Paper is therefore a great option depending on the look you want for that specific room.

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